Types Of Commercial Real Estate Loans In Dallas Texas

Do you want to invest in the real state of Dallas Texas ? To do so, you can get a significant extra income. If you don’t want to buy a property in cash, you might want to know how to finance a rental property in Dallas Texas. In our latest post, we’ll explain that!

The first step is to ensure that their finances and credit are in order for many successful real estate investors. Not everyone can just go out for an interesting rental property and pay cash. Financing their first few properties will make it possible for many investors to get their foot in the door. Continue reading to learn more about our rental property financing tips Dallas Texas

Basic Tips

Check Your Credit

Make sure you are aware of your credit score and have taken steps to improve it if necessary. When a loan is taken out, higher interest rates will be seen by people with a score below 740.

Think Small

Small, local banks, credit unions, and lenders can sometimes do more than a large bank can do. They can look a little more flexibility at you and your background than a large corporate lender would. They will also have a greater interest in investing in the local community.

Types Of Commercial Real Estate Loans

FHA Loan – Owner Occupied

Purchasing a property with a FHA loan is a great way to purchase your first property. These loans are for properties with 1 – 4 units and require a much smaller down payment than a conventional loan would require. By using a FHA loan to buy a multi-family property, you can use the income you receive from the other units to pay the property’s mortgage, You’ll probably also be able to live free of charge.

Conventional Loan

A conventional loan can help you get the cash you need, but it will require a much larger down payment. You’re likely to get at least 20 percent down, so save up accordingly.

Other Types

Investors may use other types of loans to fund a rental property. Some include a short – term loan, a loan from a portfolio, a matching loan, or a balance sheet loan. Everyone will have different repayment rates and plans.

Financing Through A Self-Directed IRA

When your money is invested in a self-directed IRA, you will have the ability to invest in things other than stocks and mutual funds. If you approve immovable property, you can use your IRA funds to fund your rental property in Dallas Texas. Of course, you’re going to want to talk to your CPA first to make sure it’s a smart financial decision.

Other Points To Consider…

Additional Costs

When buying real estate, there’s more to consider than just the price you pay for the house. You may have to pay their fees if you use an agent. You may also be faced with a percentage of closing costs. Most loans will require inspection and evaluation as well as credit origination fees payment.


Buying with existing tenants will immediately help you generate revenue from the property. You won’t have to deal with screening tenants, managing leases, or collecting security deposits immediately. As the property is likely to be in fairly good shape with tenants there, you will be able to avoid immediate costs of rehabilitation and repair. It can help you to become the routine of a landlord without throwing all at once at you. You will want to ensure, of course, that the tenants in place are screened properly and have a good history of paying their rent on time.

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