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There are many companies out there claiming to buy your house fast but only a few can be trusted to buy your home in just a few days.

Top 4 Tips to Get Your House Sold

sell my house fast

1. Boost your curb appeal.

This is definitely not a new idea – real estate professionals have touted the importance of this for decades. People considering looking at your home will often do a drive-by first, and will decide based on the outside if it’s even worth their time to look at the inside – an exception to the “don’t judge a book by its cover” – so yes, your curb appeal will most definitely be judged. Don’t let it stand in the way of a potential buyer even seeing the inside of your home! Some ideas to consider:

  • Power wash siding, driveways, walkways, and sidewalks
  • Make sure your house numbers are visible and easy to read
  • Keep porch tidy and lit in the evenings
  • Pretty up your flowerbeds with blooming flowers
  • Keep your lawn mowed, reseed if needed
  • Repaint front door
  • Clean the windows

2. Beware weird smells.

Okay, so this seems obvious however many people don’t notice the smells within their own home because they’re so accustomed to them, but they can be very unappealing to potential buyers. Not everyone loves dogs or cats (or hamsters), so that shouldn’t be the first thing people notice about your home when they walk in. Pet owners, take heed!
  • Consider steam cleaning your carpet and large rugs
  • Keep carpets vacuumed and floors clean
  • Keep litter boxes and any cages/habitats clean
  • Keep yard clear of dog waste
  • Take out trash with food waste
  • Keep toys, bones, etc. put away if possible
  • Be wary of over-using air fresheners – it’s possible to have too much of a good thing!

3. Reconsider your Purple Haze walls.

This is very difficult for some people, but the fact is your home will sell quicker if it can appeal to a wider audience than just the Purple Haze crowd. Bright and intense colors add visual weight to a space, while light, muted colors reduce visual weight. If you have a distinct theme to your decor, you might consider reining it in as well. You can reapply your personal style to your new home, but this house should be neutral – think a blank canvas for potential buyers.
  • Use light (not white), indistinct paint colors to open up the space
  • Painted cabinets should be white or ivory colored to appeal generally
  • Master bedroom should ideally be gender-neutral, free of clutter and personal items
  • Solid linen is usually a safe bet over florals or specific prints

4. Clutter-free is the way to be!

If you have what some people politely call a “cluttered” home, you may not like this last one. Disorderly, messy, chaotic – this is not how you want your home to be perceived by prospective buyers. Find a place for all that stuff, and one that is not in the house. Many sellers make the mistake of using closets, the garage, or even the backyard to store extra stuff but the buyers look at theses spaces, too! If you have to utilize off-site storage, so be it, but this is a big one! Look around at everything with a visitor’s eye, and if you need ideas on how to balance clean and lived-in, try touring local model homes.
  • Keep kitchen & bathroom counters clear and clean
  • If you have a lot of furniture, try removing some smaller pieces to create more space
  • Keep kids’ rooms tidy and toys put away
  • Minimize personal items in our decor
  • Don’t leave out used or dirty towels
  • Keep laundry organized and off of floors
  • Keep food put away
As you can see, most of what I’ve mentioned here costs little to nothing just some time and effort. In most cases, this is all that is needed to move your house off the market quickly while still getting you a top sales price. In other situations, taking this time to ready a house for sale and to get it sold is not feasible. Homeowners who are facing foreclosure or going through divorce or job loss need fast, hassle-free solutions and that is what we offer at North DFW Home Buyers. Whether your home needs a little or a lot of work, we are here to help! Please contact us  if you have any questions; we’d love to hear from you.


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